Let’s be honest with ourselves. Losing your hearing isn’t the end of the world. In my case, I don’t know any difference. I was born with hearing impairment whereas other people may have lost it mid-point of their life-time. Even though I may not have perfect hearing, i am still thankful. I have amazing friends who are very supportive, i have my other senses and i still have a little bit of hearing left.

Biggest Fears

I have 3 fears and they go in this order:

  • My number one fear is surprisingly not dying, it’s losing people from death. I do not know how I will react – of course I will be sad but I see all the people I love everyday and I can never imagine not having them in my life.
  • My second fear is myself dying. It mostly scares me that I don’t know what will happen after I die. I don’t know where I will go. My beliefs are that you get 2 choices, you get one more chance of turning into another human being or if you have done something terribly wrong, you go straight to hell. If you completed your second chance, you go to heaven. Just my opinion, DON’T GO CRAZY!
  • And the last one is turning fully deaf. Lets be real now, I know that my hearing won’t last forever. I know I should think positive but how do we know for sure that my hearing will be ‘normal’. You don’t get to appreciate hearing once its gone and it’s not just that sense. For an example, blindness. Imagine turning blind, you lose your sight, you can no longer have visual dreams and you rely on other senses. It’s just like deafness. You can no longer hear your family and friends voices and soon, you forget what they sound like. That is my worst fear though. I never want to forget people’s voices. Anyway… I’m rambling.

Differences between Deaf and hearing impairment.

Deafness is where you cannot hear. You don’t have the ability to hear anything. I can’t describe deafness to you, I have never experienced it before.

Hearing impairment is different to deaf because you still have a little bit of hearing left. There are 5 types/styles of hearing impairment. There is mild, moderate, moderate-severe, severe, and profound. People in the hearing community are all different. No two people have the same hearing. They both may have moderate hearing but at different frequencies.

Thank you for reading, I will speak to you soon.


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